Our first Universal Tractor.
It was second hand and was used for a great many tasks.
Finally its life is over and we need a new one.
Straw collected from some 8 miles away was brought back to the farm buildings by tractor and trailer.
Due to the cost of building a brick house, this wooden building was used to house the Shepherd and Cattlemen at the farm until we could build the house.
Brick House being built at the farm, using materials bought locally and labour from the village.
Wooden farm buildings built to house goats and cows.
Cow shed, we have a small herd which provides milk for the children and for making cheese.
Cows grazing on hill land.
The Goat shed.
The Goat herd grazing around the farm buildings.
We are able to employ casual labour at busy times of the year, which helps the local economy.