Since 1997 Romanian Children’s Homes has developed links with rural Transylvania and in accordance with Romanian Law working with the locally based ANGLIA El Sadai Foundation.

1999 saw the opening of our first home called Casa Naroc, in 2001 we moved to work at Casa Joany. This is a bigger house and can accommodate up to 12 children. It has its own garden with plenty of room for the children to play. When Casa Joany first opened we had five boys, they were later joined by twins and another girl.


The family kept pigs and chickens and grew vegetables in the back garden. This was a successful way to improve the diets of the children. Subsequent to this we purchased some land to grow a few crops and animal feeds. At the same time we were very aware of the plight of children leaving the orphanages between the ages of 16 and 18 years old. They find themselves on the streets and with no home address and little education they stand no chance of employment and usually end up in crime and prostitution, we knew of 70 in Sibiu alone.


And so felt our next step was to build a house and buy some more land and with the few hectares we already owned, develop a farm. We built a large goat house and stocked it with goats and a few dairy cattle. With continual requests for help we hope to develop this work to help as many as we can.

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