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We can change the life of those who have no hope

We have been helping young lives since 1997. Share our vision and give abondoned children a secure future.

our Mission

We seek to change the attitude towards abondoned children and see them not left on the streets or placed in large institutions but in small family units where they will receive the love, care and attention that every child should receive as a basic right.

Latest Projects
We've been doing alot over the years. Please read our archive news, but keep up with our latest work through here and the facebook page.
Romanian Children’s Homes was set up with the aim of providing and supporting Christian Foster Care Homes for abandoned children in Transylvanian Romania.

It cost £15 per week to keep a child in the home but we accept sponsorship from as little as £5 per month.

Successful stories

We have organized lots of events in the past to help with the work carried out in Romanian and bring an awareness of the situation of many people in this country.

About Us

Since 1997 Romanian Children’s Homes has developed links with rural Transylvania and in accordance with Romanian Law working with the locally based ANGLIA El Sadai Foundation.